Thursday, August 30, 2012
Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do you know each one of you can make that magic happen?

A tree needs water. A tree needs sunlight. A tree needs nutrition. 
But the miracle of producing a fruit the tree can do all by itself. 
It doesn't need coaching. It doesn't need a lecture. It doesn't need thirty people coming and dancing around it, 
trying to inspire it. It doesn't need pictures, reminders. 
This, the tree can do itself. Just give it the sustenance that it needs. Like that tree, understand your basics. 
That's what it means to understand your basics. 
To give yourself the sustenance that you need, and that simplicity, 
and that environment in which you can grow and make magic happen. 
Do you know each one of you can make that magic happen? 
In fact, it is each one of you that has to make that magic happen. We have to bring humanity back to us humans. 
We do. And until we do, the craziness in this world and the tragedies in this world are not going to diminish. 
That's what we're missing.

- Prem Rawat at Denver, US - 2012

Report: Event in Denver, Colorado (USA) - July 22, 2012
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These inspirational quotes are mainly excerpts from worldwide events of Prem Rawat, and occasionally from other eminent personalities.
Prem Rawat is a man of singular vision and clarity. He is a teacher with a core message: the peace people are looking for is already within.
He has dedicated his life to the dissemination of this message and has spoken in person to millions of people on six continents. Learn more.

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