Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prem Rawat - No Limit to be Happy

"It is no accident that you want to be happy.
Nobody taught you to be happy.
There is a fundamental reason that, again and again,
you choose joy over pain, light over darkness,
happiness over sadness, clarity over doubt.
Nobody goes to a temple to pray,
"God, you have given me too much happiness.
Please take a little bit away."
There is no limit."
- Prem Rawat

Supreme Wisdom   |   Prem Rawat Receives Humanitarian Award at the United Nations in New York
video: Address at US Citizen's Congress - Feb 1976
Young People's Initiative

YPI is a collection of young minds, propagating the wave of peace, inspired by the message of Mr. Prem Rawat.
We are youth from different cultures, backgrounds, professions sharing a common thinking. We believe that efforts taken at an individual level can make this world a more beautiful place to live.

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