Thursday, March 26, 2009
Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prem Rawat Maharaji - Then u have conquered time

"You finally start to recognize the value of time  when it gets less and less.
Not a smart thing.
Understand the value of time NOW.
The best way to understand it is to be content as much as you can be.
Then you have conquered time.
Then you have understood what you have been
given - the most incredible gift of LIFE."
  - Prem Rawat

Unlimited Joy   |   Prem Rawat's "Words of Peace" Receives Brazilian TV Award
video: Invitation from Senate of Argentine Republic
Young People's Initiative

YPI is a collection of young minds, propagating the wave of peace, inspired by the message of Mr. Prem Rawat.
We are youth from different cultures, backgrounds, professions sharing a common thinking. We believe that efforts taken at an individual level can make this world a more beautiful place to live.

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