Saturday, March 30, 2013
Saturday, March 30, 2013

Where is God?

When the subject of God comes ---Note: This is a little tricky..seems like it should read something like" When the subject of God comes up, "Where is God?", we go up.
Where is god? We go up.

Let me ask you a question - a simple question.
When something is really really precious to you,
where do you put it?
I travel a lot. I have to show my passport to immigration.
Where do you think I put my passport?
You know where I put my passport, here, in this pocket.

And any time I have a question,
"Where is your passport?",
you know what I do, I feel it.
When something is really precious for me,
I don't put it far from me.
I put it as close to me as possible.
As close to me as possible.

Is God precious to you?
Precious to me?
Then where would God be?
If God was away from me, I would forget.
But where is that God, where is that divinity? - in my heart.
Wherever I go, I carry that. Whatever I do, it is there.
In good times, it is there. In bad times, it is there.
When I get lost, it is there.
And when I am found, that divinity is there.

- Prem Rawat in Lima, Peru, Apr 27, 2011

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