Saturday, June 5, 2010
Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sound of fulfillment

When you drink and you're really, really thirsty, 
there is a natural thing that happens when you are done....
you say AH....Who is that ah for? 
Is it for you, for the bottle, for the water? It can't be for you, you already know. 
And yet the AH comes out. It is the sound of fulfillment. 
We can experience this ah in our life, we can experience real fulfillment. 
I point to the oasis again and again, so that we can drink and quench our thirst. 
I remind people about the essential water, which makes the inner soil fertile. 
I remind them again and again and again about the preciousness of this existence. 
If we can understand the preciousness of this existence, we have found forever. 
From every moment we can extract fulfillment. 
We can extract joy.
                                 - Prem Rawat
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